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About Jane

Alternative Rock - Grunge

Led by the histrionic and talented front-woman Martina Cambi, the band is part of a grunge-inspired alternative rock landscape, contaminated by other sounds, such as the Seattle sound of Pearl Jam, the punk and noise of Nirvana, the heavy metal of Alice in Chains that with About Jane express all the disruptive anger and rebellion.

The strong bond between the members and their absolute love for rock ensure that the energy contained in the music and lyrics reaches the audience live as an unstoppable wave of emotions. They fully belong to that culture that considers rock not only a musical genre but an artistic-aesthetic and life project. The band is part of an alternative rock scene.

The singer a disruptive, histrionic and engaging performer with a unique voice capable of seducing all audiences, supported and accompanied by musicians of great scenographic, technical and artistic level, About Jane can boast like few a heterogeneous group of fans of various musical genres and requests for live performances both in Italy and abroad .

About Jane offer the maximum of their spectacularity on stage in front of their audience demonstrating unique involvement capacity for such a young band. The choice to be inspired by this genre also concerns the conviction that music represents a powerful tool for cohesion of communities more or less victims of social exclusion, marginalized human waste in the suburban jungles, but united by the same problems of recognizing their own identity and the same aspirations. .


Jane Doe

Their first album entitled Jane Doe contains eight unreleased tracks, entirely self-produced and made in Alex Mastrangelo's recording studio just outside Rome. The recording and mixing began in September 2019 and was completed during the lockdown. The "stylistic" choice of the album therefore recalls, without presumption, the Grunge blending at times to the pressing rhythms of Irish Rock of the 90s. The songs were recorded live with the use of electric guitars set in the same way for each song as a distinctive sign and common thread of all the tracks on the album.



Martina Cambi

vocals, lyrics, acoustic guitar

Alex Mastrangelo


Giulio Cleri


Simone Cassio