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Pandemonium Carnival

Punk-Rock / Hardrock / Psycobilly

Pandemonium Carnival is a Punk-Rock band from Rome formed in 2013 after the dissolution of Killer Tomatoes, a band in vogue in the Italian underground between the 90s and 2000s.

The current line-up consists of Esky on vocals, Zico on guitar, Mr. Grery on bass and Si J on drums.

The new name, Pandemonium Carnival, takes inspiration from the novel Something Wicked This Way Comes written by Ray Bradbury.

The band currently has an album titled "Pandemonium Carnival" and a second album out called "Pandemonium Carnival II" .

They have a lot of Live experience behind them, both clubs and festivals themed punk-rock, hardrock, psychobilly and pop rock, being a band with a rather eclectic sound.

Pandemonium Carnival's sound harks back a lot to '70 / '80 punk-rock a la Misfits, Ramones and Cramps but with a lot of theirs. The voice recalls the timbres of Joey Ramone, Glenn Danzig, Michale Graves, Dave Gahan, Ian Curtis and Peter Murphy. The guitar ranges from new wave sound to hard rock with harmonic, enveloping but also hard and rough sounds. Bass and drums, with their strong impact, present themselves with solid and powerful rhythms, ranging from rock'n'roll to heavy metal.

The themes of the lyrics (in English) deal mainly with sci-fi horror films of the 50s / 60s / 70s, this is due to the common passion of the band members. All this is accompanied by a constantly evolving themed scenography and a make-up, both entirely curated by the band itself.

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Esky - voice

Zico - guitar

Mr. Grery - bass

Yes J - drum