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Musician - Dj - Performer - Producer

In.Visible is the solo project of Andrea Morsero (musician, DJ, performer, producer) releases the first self-produced album HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? recorded and mixed by Lele Battista. the disc receives excellent certificates from music critics and is proposed in various prestigious Italian stages.

Then it's time for the single PEOPLE ARE STRANGE , an arrangement of the classic DOORS piece, which paves the way for IN.VISIBLE towards synergies with artistic realities beyond the national panorama, giving a European dimension to the project.

The second disc EXOTIC WHITE ALIEN , produced by Battista himself and mixed by Paolo Lafelice (Fabrizio De Andrè - Ligabue - Stewart Copeland), immediately received critical and sales acclaim, driven by the SENSATION video shot in the streets of Berlin.

At the end of the club tour, In.Visible performs at the SYNTHETIC SNOW FESTIVAL in Moscow: from this event comes the collaboration with CLAN OF XYMOX, from which the cover of CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD, Kylie's global hit, is born Minogue.

After a series of concerts, again abroad, the third disc THE SUBTERRANEA SESSIONS and subsequent remixes is released, in which In.Visible is also engaged in the role of producer ; event that leads to further artistic collaborations (again CLAN OF XYMOX, THE WALKING ICON. DUNCAN TUCANO. PØLAAR).


Have you ever been? (2014)
Exotic White Alien (2018)
The Subterranea Sessions (2021)


Leather (2014)
Invisible (2015)
People are strange (2016)
Sensation (2017)
Can't get you out of my head (feat. Clan of Xymox - 2020)
Fingers (Black Soul Rework - 2021)


Invisible (Unconscious remix - 2016)

Can't get you out of my head (Giorgio Marciano rework - 2020)

Brave new World (Clan of Xymox / In.Visible remix - 2021)

Angel Dust (Exotic White Rework - 2021)

Dangerous ( Duncan Tucano / In.Visible remix - 2022)


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Andrea Morsero

voice, lyrics, acoustic guitar